ALA-APA Board of Directors Action Summary (Midwinter 2006)

Action Summary

During the Midwinter Board Meeting on Friday, January 20, 2006, in San Antonio, TX, the ALA-APA Board of Directors took the following actions:

By consent, approved the agenda for the 2006 Midwinter ALA-APA Board of Directors Meeting (APABD #9.1). Consent

By consent, approved the minutes of the Fall 2005 Board Meeting (APABD #2.0). Consent

Approved in principle the 2006 Fundraising Campaign (APABD #12.2)

Appointed June Pinnell-Stephens and Nann Blaine Hilyard to a special Board Fundraising Committee.

Approved in principle the creation of an ALA-APA Advisory Committee (APABD #10.1)