ALA-APA Board of Directors Agenda (Annual 2004)

ALA-Allied Professional Association Board of Directors Meeting

2004 Annual Conference Meeting Agenda
Peabody Orlando, Orlando Ballroom 1
Monday, June 28, 2004
1:15–2:30 PM
Carnegie Room

1:15–1:30 PM


Video Screening and Discussion

Advocacy Video—For Love or Money

1:30 PM

Call to Order (Carla Hayden, ALA-APA President)

1:30–1:35 PM

Consent Agenda (Carla Hayden)

  • Agenda Approval—APABD #9.3
  • Approval of Spring Meeting Minutes—APABD #2.2


1:35–1:55 PM

Progress Reports

1:55–2:20 PM

Finance and Audit Subcommittee (APA F&A) Report

Teri Switzer, ALA-APA Treasurer, will report from the subcommittee meeting.

  • 2004 Projected Budget—APABD #3.7 (5 minutes)
  • 2005 Proposed Budget—APABD #3.6 (20 minutes)

New Business

2:20–2:30 PM

2:30 PM



ALA-APA Certification Review Committee



There shall be a standing certification review committee for each proposed certification specialty program, appointed by the ALA-APA Board of Directors, to exist for the life of that program. The purpose of a certification review committee will be to oversee development and administration of a validated method of measuring competence, based on the subject standards for professional practice, licensed from the American Library Association; establishment of an appeals process for the specific program; and, other implementation processes, subject to the approval of the ALA-APA Council. The certification review committee(s) will report to the ALA-APA Board of Directors.



Each Certification Review Committee will include active practitioners and library and information studies educators. Each review committee must include at least one representative of the public (who may not be a librarian or employed by a library). Appointments to each certification review committee will be for four years, non-renewable. Initial appointments will be staggered.

Life of the Committee

Life of each certification program