ALA-APA Board of Directors Action Summary (Annual 2006)

Council Actions
2006 Annual Conference
ALA-APA Council

During the ALA 2006 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, on June 26, the ALA-APA Council took the following actions:

By consent, approved ALA-APA Council Rules (APACD#3). Consent

Approved, The agenda of the Midwinter meeting of the ALA-APA Council (APACD #1.3). Consent

Approved, The minutes of the 2006 Midwinter Meeting of the ALA-APA Council (APACD #2.1). Consent

Voted, To adopt APACD #8.2R, Resolution On Support For Freedom To Form Unions: The Employee Free Choice Act, as amended.

Employee Free Choice Act:
S. 842 –

H.R. 1696 –

Defeated, The adoption of APACD #8.3, Support For Overtime Pay Protections.

Voted, To approve the budgetary ceiling for fiscal year 2007 of $318,875 (APACD#4.1).