ALA-APA Council Agenda (Annual 2004)

ALA-APA Council 1

Tuesday, June 29, 2004, 9:15 a.m.–10:15 a.m.
Orange County Convention Center, Room 415A

Presiding: Carla D. Hayden, ALA-APA President

Assisting: Carol A. Brey-Casiano, ALA-APA President-Elect

ALA-APA Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA-APA Executive Director

ALA-APA Parliamentarian: Eli Mina

Order of Business


Call to Order

  • Introductions and Announcements, Carla D. Hayden, ALA-APA President
  • Establishing the Quorum, Carla D. Hayden, ALA-APA President (75 Councilors constitutes a quorum)
  • Agenda Review, Carla D. Hayden, President, APACD#1.3
    (New Items May be Introduced Here)

3 minutes


  • Approval of the 2004 ALA Midwinter Meeting ALA-APA Council Minutes, Carla D. Hayden, President, APACD#2.1

2 minutes

Report of ALA-APA Council Committees

  • ALA-APA Committee on Organization, Janet Swan Hill, Chair, APACD#5.1
  • ALA-APA Committee on Salaries and Status of Library Workers, Maurice J. Freedman, Chair

10 minutes

Report of Officers

  • ALA-APA Treasurer’s Report (PowerPoint presentation), Teri R. Switzer, ALA-APA Treasurer, APACD#4.1 (in PowerPoint)
  • Approval of the Annual Estimates of Income FY2005, Teri R. Switzer, ALA-APA Treasurer, APACD#4.2

20 minutes

New Business

  • New Business and/or Continuance of the Agenda

15 minutes