ALA-APA Council Action Summary (Annual 2007)

Council Actions
2007 Annual Conference
ALA-APA Council

During the ALA 2007 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, on June 25, the ALA-APA Council took the following actions:

By consent, approved ALA-APA Council Rules (APACD#3). Consent

Approved, The agenda of the Midwinter meeting of the ALA-APA Council (APACD #1.3). Consent

Approved, The minutes of the 2007 Midwinter Meeting of the ALA-APA Council (APACD #2.1). Consent

Voted, To approve the budgetary ceiling for fiscal year 2008 of $323,914 (APACD #4.2).

Defeated, The adoption of APACD #5.1, Item 1, a motion to approve the proposed revision of the charge of the ALA-APA Committee on Organization (APACD #5.1, Item 1).

Voted, To approve APACD #5.1, Item 2 as amended, that ALA-APA Committees are required to submit to ALA-APA Council an update of their activities within a month after each Midwinter and Annual meeting (APACD #5.1, Item 2).