Council Role

Prepared by Karen Danczak-Lyons
May 2, 2002


  • The first meeting of ALA-APA Council will occur at the 2002 ALA Annual Conference.

  • Meetings of ALA-APA Council will occur at the Annual and Midwinter meetings of ALA.

  • ALA members are encouraged to attend ALA-APA Council informational meetings to learn about activities and ask questions.

  • ALA members should contact ALA Councilors in order to raise issues or concerns that pertain to ALA-APA.

  • Meetings of ALA-APA Council should be scheduled immediately after ALA Council I and at the beginning of ALA Council II to allow for deliberation of APA issues. The proposed schedule will provide a mechanism to enable ALA Council to receive information and a report from ALA-APA during Council I and consider any and all actions items of ALA-APA as part of the scheduled agenda prior to Council II.

  • ALA Council should adjourn Council I and reconvene as ALA-APA Council. ALA-APA Council will meet prior to ALA Council II, and then adjourn for the ALA Council meeting.

  • The President of ALA will chair the meeting.

  • Any motions should be submitted to ALA staff for distribution pursuant to procedures established by ALA Council.

  • The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th edition by Alice Sturgis should be followed during ALA-APA Council meetings.

  • All ALA-APA Council Quorum requirements should follow established bylaws.


  • Any reports or motions from ALA-APA Committees will be incorporated in minutes of ALA-APA meetings distributed to ALA Council members.

  • ALA Council will not consider any ALA-APA committee recommendations.

Annual Report and Priorities:

  • On an annual basis, ALA-APA will report outcomes and review priorities.

  • Results of APA activities will be compiled in an Annual Report.


  • Funding allocations will reflect the priorities established by ALA-APA Council.

  • ALA-APA funds will be presented as part of the ALA-APA Treasurer’s report to ALA-APA Council.

  • ALA-APA Council will approve budget ceiling and priorities for ALA-APA.

Differentiation of ALA-APA responsibility and function:

  • During the course of ALA Council business, ALA-APA Council may more appropriately consider certain agenda items. Council members may move that items be deferred to APA following procedures established for deferral of items to ALA Committees.

  • When ALA Council is unable to determine which Council should appropriately consider an issue, the ALA President will make final determination.

  • Documents for ALA-APA will be produced on a unique shade of paper stock in order to distinguish ALA-APA Council business from other documents provided to ALA Council.